Marrakech orange & Orange Blossom 1L

Marrakech has drawn inspiration from the flavors of traditional Moroccan cuisine and the abundance of fruits in the four corners of the country. That is how the ‘Tradition’ range was born. Beautiful celebration of the orange through recipes with authentic tastes, Marrakech ‘Tradition’ will take you on a trip back in time to revive the memory of your precious moments of sharing with your loved ones.


………………………..By  100ml…………………………

Calories / Calories 50 Kcal
Lipides / Fat 0 g
Saturés / Saturated 0 g
Glucides / Carbohydrates 12 g
Sucres / Sugars 12 g
Fibres / Fiber 1 g
Protéines / Protein 0,3 g
Sodium / Sodium 2 mg
Vitamine C / Vitamin C* 25 %
Vitamine A / Vitamin A* 0 %
Calcium / Calcium* 0 %
Fer / Iron* 1 %



Its slightly acidic sweet taste excites the taste buds, known for its richness in vitamin C and antioxidants, all of whose benefits are to be found in our juice 100% fruit content. A concentrate of energy and well-being to drink, one glass of which covers 50% of the nutritional needs of the vitamin. Plus, 100% fruit juice is an excellent ally against stress and fatigue.

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom: Its multiple soothing virtues make this flower an anti-stress ally of choice. But above all, as a symbol of joy and celebration in Morocco, this delicate flower accompanies Moroccans in their moments of happiness since always, delicately scenting teas, pastries and fruit juices. She is unparalleled in embalming the ceremonies with a sweet bliss.


Marrakech juices are offered in sterilized packaging allowing our juices to preserve their colors, textures, natural tastes as well as their nutritional values, all without added preservatives.
The Marrakech juice all pass through a heat treatment to destroy pathogenic bacteria while preserving their organoleptic qualities. This process makes the Marrakech juices clean for consumption, extend their shelf life without adding preservatives.