Maxy Pulp’ 1L

Maxy Pulp’ is the drink of all fruit juice lovers looking for a little boost during the day. Based on fruit and real fruit pulp, rich in vitamin C, Maxy Pulp’ is our promise for a pleasure break sip of energy.



One of the most consumed fruits in Morocco and the world for its exceptional taste but also for its incredible healthy virtues, the best known is its high vitamin C content which brings vigor and tone to the body.


Marrakech juices are offered in sterilized packaging allowing our juices to preserve their colors, textures, natural tastes as well as their nutritional values, all without added preservatives.
The Marrakech juice all pass through a heat treatment to destroy pathogenic bacteria while preserving their organoleptic qualities. This process makes the Marrakech juices clean for consumption, extend their shelf life without adding preservatives.